Everytime I stood next to Richey, my bone structure would creak. He was a walking quote, he was kind of like a walking picture, and he was just so erudite in every way that I just can’t understand how he can reject everything, because for me, he had everything.

James Dean Bradfield - Q Radio Interview 2009 (via tabletsizedbrains)


I’ve never thought about the fact that Richey never will play with us on stage again. What makes me immeasurably sad is that I can’t call him after watching a game on tv, or seen a programme that I know that we both wanted to see. We used to talk to each other every single day. I still pick up the phone sometimes to dial his number.

Nicky Wire, 1996 (via themefromkajsa)

this is the saddest thing

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I think everybody’s first love is themselves. Some more than others. Some can divide themselves, and give something of themselves to another person. Which I’ve never been able to do, because I’ve never trusted another person enough to do that. I don’t feel strong enough that I could cope with the rejection if they left me. A lot of people don’t cope with it, if something like that happens. I would not allow myself to be used like that. And also I’d feel humiliated.

Richey Edwards , Melody Maker , 3/12/94
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